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The icity project

icity.brussels is a technology hub focused on research, development, innovation and valorization. We help Brussels emerge as the ICT Heart of Europe.

Funded by the ERDF and Innoviris and as a joint initiative of ULB, VUB and SIRRIS, icity.brussels is entirely devoted to strengthening Research and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Brussels. It has already launched R&D ICT projects in several key domains like education, e-Health, mobility, Internet of Things or 5G.

A Smart Connected Innovation Lab also offers a Hardware/Software blending environment to all active regional ICT players who want to test their innovative solutions.

Designed to help improve metabolic exchanges between the regional R&D and industrial ecosystems, icity.brussels represents the first building block of a more ambitious, longer-term project aiming to create a large ICT-Park assembling all major regional players in ICT education, R&D and Innovation.

icity.brussels FEDER Innoviris


The Team

Foto Claudio Truzzi

Claudio Truzzi

Project coordinator

claudio@icity.brussels +32 473/799.203
Foto Geoffrey Aerts

Geoffrey Aerts

Business development advisor

geoffrey@icity.brussels +32 2 629.10.46
Foto Kevin Deplus

Kevin Deplus

Scientific advisor

kevin@icity.brussels +32 2 650.65.91
Foto Ronnie Raeymaekers

Ronnie Raeymaekers

Scientific advisor

ronnie@icity.brussels +32 499/667.662
Foto Aurélie Messina

Aurélie Messina

Communication advisor

aurelie@icity.brussels +32 470/205.794
Foto Jean Landercy

Jean Landercy

Smart Campus project engineer

jean@icity.brussels +32 471 67 74 87
Foto Peggy Maes

Peggy Maes

Administrative assistant & Events

peggy@icity.brussels +32 2 650 45 00


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