The topic of corporate venturing is attracting more and more companies companies who wish to stay on top of their game. The world is changing faster than ever. Technology is evolving exponentially. Consumer behavior and economic markets are radically changing as a result.

Why Corporate Venturing?

We’re clearly up for a challenge in our companies. Many organizations are falling behind the rapidly changing customer, market and technology landscape. As a result, their business models are being challenged by the new players on the block.

To prevail in this new world you need a faster clock speed than the market. Unfortunately most companies are behind the curve. And we all know it won’t slow down from here; on the contrary, it will continue to accelerate.

In order to understand the challenges and opportunities addressed by Corporate Venturing, we invite you to attend this workshop.


This workshop on Corporate Venturing offers a full afternoon of insights, perspective and inspiration for anyone that has an interest in corporate venturing as a strategy to accelerate growth (whether you are a large corporate or an upcoming player in the market).

  • 14:00: What is Corporate Venturing? Introductory keynote by the co-author of a book on Corporate Venturing , Dado Van Peteghem.
  • 15:15 The ecosystem canvas: Discover on which level your company can make a difference.
  • 16:30 Market Scan & Inspiration: Get inspired by proven results of CV focussed on Belgium & Europe
  • 17:30 Case presentation
  • 18:00 – 19:30: Plenary Discussion & networking drink

This workshop is hosted by Beci and given by experts from Duval Union Consulting as well as guest active in the corporate and entrepreneurial fields.


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