Within the framework of the Testit Living Labs campaign, INNOVIRIS has recently launched a call for proposals on Smart Mobility Challenge. The deadline for proposal outline submission is December 15, 2017.

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Through the Test it campaign, Innoviris wants to give innovators the chance to develop and test their products, solutions and concepts and try them out with end users.

The applied research and innovation projects are carried out in living labs, in which researchers, users and a platform of users are involved.


The objective of the ‘Smart Mobility Challenge’ is to develop an efficient mobility management based on existing structures by optimising interaction, connectivity and collaboration. The call is based on two important aspects:  the collaboration of different actors and the creaton of specific spaces devoted to experimentation and innovation.

In the context of this call, innovative techniques and processes are applied to real Smart Mobility projects. These techniques and processes, tested and improved via the Living Labs projects, can subsequently be applied at a larger scale, with the aim of offering affordable solutions for Smart Mobility in the Brussels-Capital Region.


In short: the main objective of each Living Lab is to develop, test and implement Smart Mobility solutions which address the specific mobility challenges Brussels faces.


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