Startup founders all know that product-market-fit is the “pot of gold”. But what happens after? In this workshop, Roland SiebelinkAuthor “Scaling Silicon Valley Style”, Gazelles Growth Coach and Scaleup Ally for Tech Founders, takes founders and entrepreneurial students and researchers through the Silicon Valley Roller Coaster and the different stages they will have to conquer to reach product-market-dominance.

Benefits of attending

  • Hear first-hand war stories from three massive scaleup journeys in a row
  • Learn how keep growing your startup while keeping your entrepreneurial culture
  • Understand how to move your goal posts from product-market-fit to product-market-dominance
  • Overcome potential valleys of death by mastering the key new competence for every stage
  • Get early access to a toolkit helping you to architect rapid startup momentum

Bio – Roland SiebelinkAuthor “Scaling Silicon Valley Style”, Gazelles Growth Coach and Scaleup Ally for Tech Founders

Roland Siebelink is a 25+ years veteran of Internet business, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. He is a former landslide winner of the Silicon Valley Founder Showcase (2011) and the only person who has lived through three 10-1000 FTE scaleup journeys in a row, serving in executive, strategy, product and marketing leadership. He also was co-founder and CEO of Topicmarks, acquired by Tagged. He earned his MBA from IMD Lausanne and his BMA in Communication from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Now based in San Francisco, Roland has worked and lived in four countries and speaks six to seven languages. His passion is to help startups keep growing while keeping their entrepreneurial culture.

Monday November 19, 2018
From 6.15 till 8.30pm (short coffee break at 7.15)

Room D0.05, building D, Brussels Humanities, Sciences and Engineering Campus (Etterbeek). Entrance via the ‘Esplanade’.

Registration is obligatory


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