The first edition of AI Convention Europe will take place on the 4th of October 2018. Industry players, professionals from the private and public sectors, and AI experts will be brought together to discover and discuss all the challenges and opportunities arising from Artificial Intelligence. The team will attend this event and hopes to see you there!


Along with Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence is catching on and is leading the groundbreaking transformation of industrial processes, paving the way for the creation of new skills and sociological scenarios that will completely change our lives.
The real impact of Artificial Intelligence on our society and industrial setting is still unknown, but what is known for sure is the centrality of machine intelligence to keep European companies competitive on a global scale. Excellence in AI is therefore urgent and mandatory, and the industry – especially small- and medium-sized enterprises – must be encouraged to uptake AI through applied research, training and public and private investments.
In order to cope with socio-economic changes and adapt to new technologies, chasing future growth, it’s essential to be up-to-date with the most recent market trends, European guidelines and industrial advancements, in order to train professionals and help them boost their skills and leverage new technology capabilities: this is the mission of AI Convention Europe.


The conference will focus on Business Intelligence, Deep Machine Learning, Smart Robotics all the way down to Augmented Reality, Speech Recognition, and Virtual Assistance. The sectors covered will encompass Business, Finance, Industry, Education, Society, Politics, Health, in order to give participants the widest overview of Artificial Intelligence and its different and multiple declinations in the major domains of our society.
An audience of highly profiled CEO, CTO, CIO, Data Officers, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Managers, Analytics Managers, Change Managers, Head of Innovation, IoT and Big Data Experts, Data Engineers, Data Architects, Software Developers, Business Developer, Marketing, IT Officers will be the ideal and expected public of the conference.
A selected number of AI experts will take floor to enlighten the audience on the challenges and opportunities arising from the implementation of Artificial intelligence for boosting, for instance, Customer Service or for Intelligence Amplification, while tackling the risks connected to technology issues, like safety and security.

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