EluciDATA is organising a mastercourse on Data Innovation on April 26th in partnership with Sirris.


Data science can be very valuable to innovate within several domains, also for SMEs. The EluciDATA  mastercourse provides pragmatic and industry-oriented sessions on data-driven innovation. In this session the focus lies on choosing the right machine learning algorithm for your intended goals, the core activity within the data science workflow. 

The EluciDATA mastercourse provides pragmatic and industry-oriented sessions on data-driven innovation. This mastercourse is composed of several independent sessions in order to accommodate for the different needs and viewpoints of people with different backgrounds.

Session: Choosing the right algorithm for the right task (new session) 

In this session, the following questions will be answered:

  • How to translate your business objective(s) to a data science task?
  • What are the most important data science tasks, and which machine learning algorithms and techniques exist to solve these tasks?
  • How to choose the appropriate algorithm based on important characteristics of the available data and expected model requirements such as accuracy, interpretability, scalability, etc.?
  • How to train and evaluate the resulting models, in order to arrive at the most optimal performance?

The goal of this session is to introduce the participants to the most important data science tasks (classification, clustering, regression, etc.) and provide an overview of the most commonly used algorithms and techniques to solve each of these tasks. For each of the methods, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages will be explained in order to guide the participants in making a conscious choice in terms of the available data (dimensionality, attribute types, etc.) and the expected model requirements (interpretability, accuracy, scalability, etc.). Finally, the guiding principles to train and evaluate the resulting models, including an overview of common pitfalls and frequently-used evaluation measures, will be presented.

Read more about this session on Sirris’ blog.

The session will be held in English.

Target audience

The mastercourse is open to all persons interested in data innovation as an opportunity for their company and activities. As the aim of this session is to deepen your knowledge on data science algorithms and techniques, we assume you are familiar with the basic data science terminology. Furthermore, some basic analytical skills (e.g. high-level understanding of algebra and interpretation of statistical figures) is a prerequisite.


  • € 525/session (VAT excluded)
  • Early bird rate (registration more than 4 weeks in advance): € 475/session  (VAT excluded)

The course notes are included in the registration price.

If you are a Flemish SME you can also make use of the kmo-portefeuille (the kmo-portefeuille should be requested at latest 14 days after the course has taken place). (Erkenningsnr. Sirris : DV.O105154). Please note that if you do not apply in time your request will be declined.

For more information, please visit http://www.kmo-portefeuille.be/ or contact Sirris caroline.mair@sirris.be).

EluciDATA core user group members benefit from a discount on the subscription fee (50% for demonstrator ambassadors/committed technology experts, 25% for engaged advisors, and 10% for the satellite interest group).

General terms and conditions for the training

Any cancellation has to be made by e-mail (caroline.mair@sirris.be). If the cancellation is made less than 3 workdays before the start of the session which you will attend, 50% of the participation fee will be charged (+VAT). After this deadline, the full amount of the registration will be due. In case of “no-show” the full amount of the registration fee is due too. Replacement by a colleague is always possible if notified in advance by e-mail to caroline.mair@sirris.be.

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