The Virtual DI Summit kicks off with a first webcast on Tuesday, September 22AI, Ethics & Law – What is Fair and Unfair?“.

Ethical AI aims to detect and mitigate bias to prevent unfair decisions. But what is fair and unfair? Before defining how to measure whether decisions based on AI models are fair, defining what constitutes a fair decision is critical.

Learn about different perspectives of fairness and how they link with AI decisions. Understand how notions of fairness and fair behavior depend upon normative expectations, i.e., beliefs about what others expect one should do in a specific situation.

Finally, companies should be aware that fairness can clash with other values.

Three inspiring speakers will share their perspectives:

  • Lode Lauwaert – Professor Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven
  • Martin Canter- Head of Ethical AI at Omina Technologies Machine Learning
  • Nathalie Smuha – Lawyer & Researcher, Law & Ethics of AI/Technology at KU Leuven

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