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Support to innovation with an academic partner

Our experienced ICT advisors can support you in the sometime difficult task to identify the best solution for your innovation needs. They can provide independent and qualified advice and put you in touch with the most suitable experts from the local universities, R&D centres or regional ICT players.

Define your innovation needs

icity.brussels can help your business focussing on innovation, in particular by:

  • providing insight in new technology development and technology watch
  • putting your innovation ideas in local and global context
  • defining the required expertise and identifying the most adequate solution for you

Identify the matching skills

We can help you tap into a world-class set of internationally renowned experts from our regional universities and industrial R&D centres: more than 100 specialists at your service – and right around the corner – in Data Science, IoT, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, Interactive technologies, Wireless, Embedded systems.

Our skills

Meet our experts

Universities, R&D centres, industrial clusters and federations: our partners’ background cover the whole knowledge supply chain – icity.brussels is your gateway to this comprehensive yet within reach network.

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Work together

Our ICT advisors will support you in the selection of the best development vehicle to make your innovation project come true: provision of services, consulting, access to lab resources, subsidized industry/university partnerships, licencing and technology transfers.

Smart Connected Innovation Lab: test my innovation project

You know exactly how your innovation project looks like and just need some expertise and resources to quickly put a lab prototype together? You are a software geek but have 2 left hands when it comes to hardware implementation? Or the other way around? Then our Innovation Lab is your to-go place. Our hardware/software blending experts will be glad to quickly put together a proof of concept for you, and help you identify the right industrial partners should you be convinced by the demo result and move on to developing your product or service.


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