The Bio2Byte group is primarily situated at the Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels, a collaborative interfaculty institute between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. It is located at the the ULB side of the Pleinlaan/La Plaine campus on the 6th floor of the C building.

At the VUB, the group is linked to Structural Biology Brussels at the Bioengineering sciences department, as well as the departments of Computer Science andChemistry at the Faculty of Sciences, plus to the Biomedical sciences at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Proteins are the molecular machines that make cells work. They perform a wide variety of functions through interactions with each other and many additional molecules. Traditionally, proteins are described in a single static state (a picture). It is now increasingly recognised that many proteins can adopt multiple states and move between these conformational states dynamically (a movie).

We investigate how the dynamics, conformational states and available experimental data of proteins relates to their amino acid sequence. We unravel underlying physical and chemical principles with statistics and informatics, and connect them to biological events, so improving our understanding of the way proteins work.


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Geoffrey AERTS





Bioinformatics, Computational systems biology, Machine learning, Molecular biophysics, Protein design, Structural bioinformatics