BRIGHTcore was conceived as an interuniversity platform, servicing both ULB and VUB universities, including their respective university hospitals, Hôpital Erasme & Hôpital Huderf and UZ Brussel. In this platform, heavy – expensive – genomics equipment is centralized and IT infrastructure is made available to perform primary analysis of large genomic datasets.

BRIGHTcore can support you on a multitude of assays, either for DNA and RNA QC, but also for Massive Parallel SequencingSNP-array and digital counting experiments. Next to this, it can provide you with standard or custom bioinformatics solutions.

Currently, the platform hosts Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina NovaSeq/MiSeq and Nanopore GridION), Microarray (Illumina iScan, Affymetrix GeneScan) and Digital counting (Nanostring nCounter MAX) equipment, including all accessory devices to perform high-throughput/output genetic assays. If needed, bioinformatics support and IT tools can be tailored to ones need.

BRIGHTcore aims to deliver qualitative support (BELAC accredited according to ISO 15189:2012) and assists research groups in starting up relevant experiments. Additionally, it may be consulted in eventual grant applications.




Frédérick LIBERT
Phone: +32 (0)2 555 64 25






Digital counting, bioinformatics