The Centre for Quantum Information and Communication (QuIC) has been active in quantum information sciences since 2001, with research contributions ranging from fundamental physics questions, such as quantum measurement, quantum entanglement, or quantum nonlocality, to more information-flavored topics, such as quantum communication, quantum cryptography, or quantum algorithms.

It has invented and contributed to the demonstration of the first continuous-variable (Gaussian) quantum cryptographic protocol, and has developed the first quantum adiabatic algorithm with a quantum speedup (quantum adiabatic search). Recently, it also has contributed to establish the fundamental limit on the transmission rate via Gaussian bosonic channels (the quantum extension of Shannon’s famous channel capacity formula), and has discovered a quantum two-photon interference effect in the amplification of light akin to the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect.

It currently holds two patents, and has published numerous scientific papers, among which two in the journal Nature, one in Nature Physics, two in Nature Photonics, and two in Nature Communications




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