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The current data economy pushes companies to increase the intangible asset portion of their balance sheets, but this requires more digital innovation than ever before, with the high-risk level typically associated with it. An effective way for companies to de-risk digital innovation is collaboration with universities, from consultancy to structured consortia for subsidized innovation projects.

However, finding the right lab with the specific R&D expertise required is no easy task. This is why icity.brussels(*) launches a series of webinars dedicated to the ULB and VUB research units active in the digital domains, to highlight the value they can bring to you through their knowledge, services, technology and skills.

These webinars will be organized around three main topics:

DAY 1  |  The Digital Process – Focus on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

DAY 2  |  The Digital Value Chain – Boosting digital innovation in Cybersecurity, Information Systems and Industry 4.0

DAY 3  |  Smart Living and Life Balance – Human-focused digital innovation: Smart City, Mobility, Sustainability, e-Health and Well-Being.

(*) icity.brussels is an initiative from ULB, VUB and SIRRIS to boost digital innovation for companies, funded by the ERDF and the Brussels Region

Day #1 – 10 March 2022

The Digital Process: focus on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things


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Day#1 – March 10, 2022

Focus on Artificial  Intelligence and  Internet of Things


Day#2 – June 9, 2022

Boosting Innovation in Cybersecurity, Information Systems and Industry 4.0


Day#3 – Sept 16, 2022

Human-focused  digital innovation:

Smart City,  Mobility, Sustainability,
e-Health and