CoDE IRIDIA is composed of 3 institutes:

-Business Intelligence

-Biological Networks


IRIDIA – BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE is involved in the development of methodological support for data and text mining, adaptive control of complex systems (using fuzzy logic and neural networks) and object oriented developments. We have a large record of industrial realizations using data mining for defect recognition and time series prediction. We are teaching object oriented technologies and assisting industries, administrations and researchers in biology and chemistry to acquire and master the object oriented technology.

IRIDIA – BIOLOGICAL NETWORKS focus on computational study of biological networks such as neural networks, immune networks or chemical reaction systems. We are trying to identify common features and common mechanisms in all of them.

IRIDIA – ROBO is a world leading institute in collective robotics and in particular in swarm robotics, which is a discipline that tries to translate some behaviours observed in social insects into robotics systems, in order to solve complex tasks. Swarm robotics allows the exploration of alternative solutions for real world problems such as cooperative localization and transport of objects in 2D and 3D environments

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